Beet it: Beetroot frittata and beetroot, and pear salad - Niall McKenna’s recipes

This week, Niall McKenna reminds us that quick and easy doesn’t have to mean boring and bland

With hot(ish) summer days hopefully on the horizon, I often crave something a bit lighter for lunch and dinner, which is why I have chosen these two recipes this week: beetroot, spinach and halloumi frittata; and an endive, blue cheese, beetroot, and pear salad.

These two recipes remind us that quick and easy doesn’t have to mean boring and bland.

Our star ingredient this week is beetroot, which is believed to give you more stamina during exercise, perfect for getting in shape this summer...

Packed with nutrition, these recipes will leave you feeling satisfied and healthy. I would highly recommend visiting your local greengrocer at this time of year when purchasing vegetables, as they will have the best range of local and seasonal vegetables in stock.

Check out the recipes here:

Beetroot, Spinach and Halloumi Frittata

Endive, blue Cheese, beetroot and pear salad


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