Niall McKenna's Beetroot, Spinach and Halloumi Frittata

Beetroot, Spinach and Halloumi Frittata

  • 6 eggs
  • 12 small potatoes, boiled and quartered
  • 250g cheddar cheese, grated
  • 1tbsp butter
  • 3tbsp olive oil
  • 2 cooked beetroots, chopped into eighths
  • 1 handful spinach
  • 125g halloumi
  • Firstly, boil potatoes and quarter once cooled.
  • Next, melt the butter and oil in a non-stick frying pan and fry off the potatoes until golden. Remove potatoes and wipe pan clean as you will be using it again.
  • Whisk the eggs in a bowl, adding in the cheese, beetroot, spinach, salt, and pepper.
  • I always start my frittata off on the hob and finish on the grill, so turn on both. Coat the bottom of your frying pan with olive oil and place on a medium heat. Next, pour in the egg mixture and potatoes. When you are satisfied the bottom and middle are cooked, transfer pan to the grill on a medium heat to cook the top until firm.
  • To serve, leave aside to cool and serve with fresh garden leaves.
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