Frequently Asked Questions

We are delighted to welcome you to Waterman House Cookery School, we believe we offer a great experience of practical cooking classes, alongside cookery demonstrations and our passion for the great produce of Northern Ireland, in our new premise in the heart of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.


If you have not attended a cookery class before and have some questions these are the most frequently asked.


I need to cancel my booking. What options do I have?
Amendments to bookings can be made up to 28 days prior to the date of the class. If you find you are unable to attend a class less than 28 days before the date of the class, you are welcome to send someone else in your place. These rules apply equally to gift voucher bookings.

We will be happy to move your booking to another date that suits you if you wish to change your booking 28 days prior to your class.


What should I wear?
For your safety, we recommend all shoes to be closed toe with no or a very low heel. We also ask that all long hair be tied back prior to class. Other than that, we just ask that you dress comfortably. You will be provided with an apron to use during the class.


Is there parking? 
We are located on Hill Street and there is plenty of on street parking in Donegall Street. The closed paid car parking is St. Anne’s Square which is only a 2-minute walk away.


What time should I arrive for my class?
We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to class. Our classes start promptly and starts with a run through of that days recipe, we will show you your cooking station and that’s you ready to cook.


I’m taking a class with a friend/spouse. Will we be able to work together?
Every effort will be made to group your party together.


I’ve never done a cooking class before. What can I expect?
Our goal is to teach you the cooking techniques on the class you are participating in.  Upon arrival you will be given an apron and recipe booklet. Our chefs will talk you through each recipe and for practical classes you will cook all dishes.  (Some recipes may be demonstrated by our chefs throughout the class). You are never on your own as our chefs are available throughout the class to answer any questions and help you if needed.  The more questions the better to enhance the learning experience for everyone.


Can I take my cooking home?
Most of our classes finish with the entire class dining at our table enjoying the dishes you have just made. We can provide you with takeaway containers and bags for you to take dishes home if you prefer. The exception to this is the fish class, as cooked fish does not travel well.


Will I get a copy of the recipes made during class?
Yes! Everyone gets a recipe pack at the beginning of class and we encourage you to take the recipe pack home with you after class and make the dishes again.



Do you serve wine during class?
We are happy to serve wine to customers over 18 during most of our classes (baking classes are usually excluded). You can expect to receive one glass of wine over the course of the class. We respectfully suggest that customers under 25, who are lucky enough not to look their age, bring ID with them to avoid any embarrassment.


Am I allowed to bring my own wine?
Unfortunately we do not allow you to bring your own wine or drinks.


Are pictures allowed?
Pictures are most definitely allowed and encouraged! Our chefs love it when you feel that a dish or your experience is camera worthy, so please click away! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram


Can I bring my child or teen to class with me?
Our classes are designed for adults and from time to time we do run Children’s cookery classes. If you wish to accompany an under 16 to a class we would recommend you purchase a second space and you can work beside them.  Our cookery school work stations are designed to host one in a scheduled class and not two people. We do ask anyone under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult. 


How long has the school been established?
Niall McKenna opened James St South Cookery School in 2011 above his restaurant of the same. It was relocated to Waterman House in 2021.


Are the classes suitable for both men and women?
Absolutely, everyone is welcome.


Does the school provide all the ingredients?
Yes we provide all of the ingredients.


How many people are there in a class?
We operate a maximum of 16 people at each class.


Do I need to bring anything with me?
No, just bring yourself, we provide everything else you need for each class


How long are gift vouchers valid for?
Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase


What if I have a special dietary requirement?
We try to accommodate dietary requirements as best we can and do our best to provide alternatives where possible. However, some classes are simply not designed to accommodate special dietary requirements, for example, we cannot make entire baking classes gluten free.

If you have any questions about what we can provide, please contact us before making your booking. Please put a note in the “dietary requirements” box at the checkout if you have any requirements or allergies at all, even if you do not think it is relevant. 


Can I come on my own? 
Yes, we have lots of customers who come on their own as they have a real desire to improve their cooking skill. Most who come do come back again as they have enjoyed the experience.


If we have not answered your question here, drop us an email to

We look forward to welcoming you.

Happy Cooking!