Niall McKenna's Pork Terrine


  • 600g smoky bacon (or enough to line terrine dish)
  • Knob of butter
  • Splash of olive oil
  • 300g finely chopped onions
  • 20g puréed garlic
  • 4g allspice
  • 30ml Madeira
  • 60ml port
  • 650g minced pork
  • 115g minced smoked back bacon
  • 225g minced chicken livers
  • 200g minced pork back fat
  • 2 lightly beaten eggs
  • 2g chopped rosemary
  • 10g whole peppercorns
  • 5g salt

Method (for best results, it is recommended to make this three days before serving)

To begin, preheat oven to 110C/Gas 1/4 with a bain-marie of hot water.

Line a large terrine with tin foil and then bacon, leaving sufficient overhang to cover the top.

Melt the butter and oil in a frying pan and gently sweat the onions, garlic and allspice until soft. Leave to cool.

In a pan, mix the Madeira and port together, bringing to a boil, reducing it by two-thirds. Again, leave to cool.

Mix all the minced meats and fat with the eggs to bind. Once bound, mix in the cooled onions and wine reduction, along with the rosemary, peppercorns and salt.

Fill the lined terrine, packing it in as tightly as possible. Using a chopping board, remove any trapped air by pressing down on the terrine.

Fold the bacon over the mix and cover with the overlapping foil.

For 80 minutes, or until the centre of the terrine reaches 70C, in the pre-heated oven, bake in the bain-marie.

Remove the terrine from the bain-marie and leave to cool at room temperate. Ideally, this should be left in the fridge or cool place for three days before serving in order for all of the mouth-watering flavours to marinade.

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