Recipes for Easter: Niall McKenna’s chicken cacciatore and traditional Victoria sponge

Impress your guests this Easter as Niall McKenna shows you how to make a rustic chicken cacciatore and a traditional Victoria sponge

In preparation for Easter, this week we have two fantastic courses to elevate your Sunday lunch. Instead of traditional roast chicken, use the chicken to create a chicken cacciatore, a succulent, rustic one-pot dish that is easy to prepare and bursting with flavour.

If you are having guests around for Easter and want to impress them with an after-dinner treat, this next recipe is perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea. My traditional Victoria sponge recipe is guaranteed to be so much better than shop bought bakes. The light and fluffy sponge filled with homemade jam, cream and fresh berries is a true delight.

Chicken Cacciatore

Traditional Victoria Sponge

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