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Yogurt, toffee and figs with honey, and chocolate mousse

 This week’s recipes are two delicious and easy to cook deserts which are the perfect finish to any Sunday lunch.

At home we usually finish off with something simple such as crumble and custard or a meringue and fruit compote. However, I do like to try and push the boat out from time to time and go for something a bit different.

Both of this week’s recipes, yoghurt, toffee and fig dessert and dark chocolate mousse, are quick and easy to put together. They’re always devoured in seconds in our house – definitely a firm family favourite!

Yoghurt, Toffee and Figs (serves four)


20g soft light brown sugar

4–8 ripe figs

300g Greek yoghurt

4 tsp honey

25g pine nuts



This is a very quick and easy dessert to pull together. Place the sugar on a plate and quarter the figs. Place the figs cut side down into the sugar to coat.

Place a frying pan on the hob on a medium to high heat and place the coated figs onto the frying pan to caramelize for a few minutes until the sugar darkens and it caramelises. Dry off the pan and add in the pine nuts and toast on a medium heat until golden.

To serve place the yoghurt on the plate, drizzle with honey, top with the figs and dress with the pine nuts.

Chocolate mousse (serves six)


250g dark chocolate, broken down

70g unsalted butter

6 eggs, separate the white from the yolk

1 pinch salt



Melt the chocolate and butter in a Bain Marie (heat proof bowl over a pot of simmering water). Ensure that no water can get into the mix as it will break it down. Once all the chocolate is broken down and melted, leave to the side and let cool.

Beat up the yolks in a bowl and then beat into the chocolate and butter mix, you don’t want the eggs to scramble – you want to gently fold these in.

In a seperate bowl whisk the egg whites, add in the pinch of salt and whisk into stiff peaks. You want to mix both mixtures into one, by gently folding the egg whites into the chocolate mix.

You can then place into bowls and refrigerate. I have piped the mix into the glasses for the photograph.

Place in the fridge for four hours at least before serving.

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